Home Care Services…

Home Care is a Provincial Government program and is delivered by government employees. Here you will find some FAQ’s regarding Home Care Services: 

Q: What is the Manitoba Home Care Program?

A: Home Care, provided through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, is available to Manitobans of all ages based on an assessment of need and availability of other resources to the individual and family. A request for a Home Care assessment can be made by the family or by a friend.

Home Care Programs & Services – following an assessment by a Case Coordinator, individuals are entitled to access the following services:

Personal Care Assistance: Help with personal care such as bathing, using the toilet or getting dressed.
Home Support: Help with meals, light housekeeping and laundry.
Health Care: Nurses may provide nursing care such as wound care, medication reminders, application of ointments, instilling eye drops, etc.
Family Relief: A worker can provide short periods of in-home relief for the caregiver.
Respite Care: This provides for a longer period of relief for the caregiver.
Supplies and Equipment: Some supplies and equipment needed to provide care might be available through home care. 

Q: How is eligibility for Services determined?

A: To be eligible for the Home Care Program an individual:
• Must require health services or assistance with activities of daily living
• Must be registered with Manitoba Health
• For a non-Manitoba Resident, first it will be necessary to register with Manitoba Health for a temporary number, then Home Care will be able to begin the process

To register for a health number contact Manitoba Health, (204) 786 7101.

Request for Home Care Program & Services – to make a request and to receive more detailed information contact: Home Care Central Intake (204) 940 2655 

Q: How does one get an assessment?

A: A family doctor, day hospital, Geriatric Program Assessment Team or walk-in clinic can make a diagnosis. A number of health care professionals, who may include a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a neurologist or geriatrician, may be included in the exploration of symptoms to help determine the prognosis.

Assessment – assessments are done by the Case Coordinator.
The assessment will determine:
• Eligibility for the program and services.
• How to help the family organize available assistance.
• How to access the available community resources.
• What may be required from home care.
• Whether the need for care is best met in another setting.

Access to Long Term Care and Housing Options – as Dementia Related diseases (or physical disabilities) progress, decisions regarding a Personal Care Home or a long–term care facility will need to be made. Each family must make this decision based on their own personal needs. Consideration may be made when the person can no longer remain safely in the home even when additional services are provided. 

For more information regarding Home Care Services, click on www.gov.mb.ca/health – Manitoba Health’s site offers additional information about Health Care, and other health programs and services provided by Manitoba Health, the Provincial Health Department for the Province of Manitoba.