Tenant Resources…

Q: Does a person have to take the meals?

A: Breakfast and supper are included in the rent and if a person decides not to come down for them, the cost is not deducted from the monthly charge. 

Q: Does Concordia Village provide linens?

A: You would provide your own linens, as well as furniture. 

Q: Is there a Doctor or a Nurse on staff?

A: There are no medical practitioners on staff. 

Q: What happens if one person from a couple leaves Concordia Village?

A: The second person charge is removed and if the couple was in a two bedroom suite, the remaining person can choose to stay in that suite or move into a one bedroom, as soon as one becomes available. 

Q: Are residents of Concordia Village fast tracked to Concordia Place if the need for a Personal Care Home arises?

A: The paneling process for a Personal Care Home Placement falls under the jurisdiction of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA and Concordia Village does not have an official say in this matter. Every effort is made however to try to facilitate such a placement. 

Q: Can family stay overnight in a resident’s suite?

A: A family member may stay overnight in a Resident’s suite under the following conditions:
-the Tenant Resource and Environment Services Managers are made aware of the stay (duration of)
-if the family member (guest) is planning on eating breakfast, lunch or supper at CV, tokens must be purchased for these meals
-they must not disturb the other residents (no excessive noise). 

Q: What happens if a person can’t make it down to the dining room?

A: In the case that a person is not feeling well enough to come down to the dining room for their meals, there are volunteers who will bring their meals to them on a short term basis. 

Q: Can someone who is receiving Home Care Services move into Concordia Village?

A: Definitely. We have many residents who are clients of Home Care.