Concordia Village Resident Advisory Council

All Residents are automatically members of the Resident Advisory Council, which provides opportunities to recommend service improvements.

Residents may also choose to initiate or organize some recreational activities of Concordia Village, such as welcoming new Residents to the Village or extending well wishes and support to those in Hospital.

The Council meets at least quarterly to provide an opportunity for regular discussion on matters of interest or concern to Residents.

The Resident Advisory Executive does serve the same purpose as the Council, but meets between quarterly meetings as needed.

The Executive are elected by all Concordia Village Residents (the Council) as follows:
• President, chairs all Council and Executive meetings,
• Vice-President, may chair meetings on behalf of the President,
• Treasurer, serves as treasurer of any resident-specific funds,
• Concordia Village Members-at-Large (12)

Elections are held annually, in January, with one-year terms running from January 1 to December 31 each year.